Layout and Views

Welcome to a Fluency tutorial!

This article will discuss the layout and views within our program, Fluency Translation Suite 2013.

Here are a few basic things that you should know about Fluency:

1. You can play around with the settings and not worry about breaking it

2. It’s extremely easy to use

3. We’re always looking for new ways to get you excited about it by giving you a variety of options to understand our products. From video tutorials to blog posts, what will we think of next?

To keep things flexible and easy, Fluency gives you a variety of options. A few examples:

Zooming – Fluency provides zoom options for its various work panes. You can access the zoom option for each within the View menu along the upper toolbar of Fluency.

Default Window Views (Vertical or Horizontal) – You can change the default window setup by going to Reset Window Layout within the View menu, then clicking on vertical or horizontal layout option, depending on your preference. The horizontal view, which is the default setting, lists the source, target and translation panes above the TM, Term and other resource panes. The vertical layout will reassign the source, target and translation panes to the left side of the screen while the TM, Term and other resource panes will shift to the right.

Getting rid of a box entirely– We understand that you may not need all of the resource panes that are present in Fluency, so we give you the ability to close any that you aren’t using. You can do this by simply clicking the small red X within the resource pane you’d like to close. You can also close (or open) each one in the View menu. Remember, you can’t mess Fluency up by modifying the settings, so open or close whichever panes your heart so desires! With Fluency, the sky’s the limit.

We recommend that you play around with the menu so that you can find a layout that’s perfect for you because we WANT you to have the best, most user-friendly experience possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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