Transcription Software Tutorial

Say you don’t know anything about Fluency software. What do you do? Go to our Tutorials at With twelve videos how could you go wrong? Especially when each video just takes a few minutes. Plus, you can choose whatever order you want the videos in. For me, I looked up the Transcription Software first. Transcription Software is a must-see in our videos. It gives you the grounds to which you will be learning and using your software.

The Transcription Software tutorial will pull up what the program will look like, two windows on either side of the program. The documents, video or audio loaded up are to the left; the right side remains blank until the software is ready to be translated. In the tutorial it shows how easy it is to upload something or add something (think of any other sort of document you can load up on your computer). It also shows the controls for the audio and video which go as followed:

Ctrl + Shift + P         Play/Pause
Ctrl + T                     Insert the current Time
Ctrl + Shift + F         Fast Forward/Play
Ctrl + Shift + B         Rewind 5 seconds
Ctrl + Shift + V        Rewind 15 seconds
Ctrl + –                     Go to the beginning of the file Ctrl + =                    Go to the end of the file
You want to know one of my favorite parts about the program? How much control you have over each document. I mean you can change the brightness, contrast, zoom or size! It reminded me of getting a character ready in a video or computer game. You can zoom, resize, and change the contrast or brightness of the monitor/television for said game.
Also, to upload a document or image (simple or not) our software has OCR (Optical Character recognition). That means you can take an image or document and scan them into your computer. Once it scans, the computer will then perform a transcription. The newly transcribed document is then shown on the right. There are a few errors here and there, but nothing major.
You can also save a file in many different formats, including Microsoft Word, or instead you can just get right into the translation process.

The videos are all very simple and easy to understand. I definitely recommend checking out the video on your own time to get your own experience from it.


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