Brasil: Lost But Not Forgotten


What happens when the best defender and top scorer of a football team are unable to play a World Cup match? For Brazil, it led to disastrous consequences. With a final score of 7-1, in favor of Die Mannschaft, it may be true that the outcome might have been the same had they started, but there’s always a chance that things would have played out differently.

I always like to find a silver lining in things, and especially since I’m not one to watch too many sports I do find the barrage of tweets comical. I’m sure they’ll lighten the hearts of others since there isn’t much else to say about a game that has already been lost.
According to the FIFA’s official World Cup twitter page (@FIFAWorldCup), this tournament has become the most tweeted sports event ever, with 3.6 million tweets. Since the World Cup has been tweeted about so much, many of the comments were, unfortunately, left undiscovered by fans. 

That being said, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some tweets that I discovered from the tweeting chaos that emerged during and after Brasil’s loss. 

Here are a few that I found particularly comical:

  • @ditzkoff At 7 goals, the World Cup scoreboard just goes to the Donkey Kong kill screen
With such a lopsided victory, you’d think that Germany was the better team. Statistically speaking, though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to @Fivethirtyeight on July 8 via twitter, the chance for Germany to win the World Cup was at about 14%, compared to a 54% chance for Brazil.
Germany isn’t the only team who’s been beating the odd during this World Cup, though. The Netherlands was the most unlikely team to win with a measly 13% chance. In fact, the club was such a long-shot that XCOR Aerospace, privately held rocket engine and spaceflight development company founded in the United States, offered to fly the team to space should they win. According to Forbes, The Netherlands team is getting special treatment because of where the XCOR Space Expeditions is settled: The Netherlands.

XCOR Aerospace’s flights are cheaper than many others available at a whopping $95,000 compared to the usual $250,000+. At a little less than half the price, it’s quite the bargain, but still a little out of my price range.
Most anyone else would probably hope to win the World Cup trophy, and the much earned bragging rights as world champions, but for me, if I was in the Netherlands’ shoes, I definitely wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to visit space.

With the Netherlands losing this after in a penalty kick shootout, XCOR Aerospace can breathe a little easier, but you can be sure that people around the world know a little bit more about them as a result of this World Cup tournament.

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