Stop Dementia with a second language!

Recent research from the University of Chicago proposes that those who are fluent in a second language have less of a chance to get dementia. This study started in 1947 with 853 11-year-old’s. The study also found that it doesn’t matter whether you acquire the language in adulthood or childhood.
The average person living to about 75-80-years-old has about a one in ten chance of getting dementia, according to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.


While you go scramble to learn that second language, remember it’s just your second language. With the right terminology selected, Western Standard gives you the opportunity to translate into any language. Plus, we’re here with our CAT tools, and the like.


For some of you who need some refreshing on our CAT (computer-assisted translation, computer-aided translation) tools, our CAT tools only work if a human translator is there to assist the software. The human translator makes sure what is being said makes sense and is appropriate for the culture in which the language resides.


Why should we, or any other translation company, need CAT tools if the technology to translate languages is out there? Wouldn’t it speed up the process without human intervention? The problem with just using the software makes it sound unnatural or robotic. The technology can translate the needed text, but what would come out of it would be another scare of “All your base are belong to us” (a Japanese game from the 90’s).
We need that personal touch, and that’s where CAT tools come in. Maybe with that second language you could strive to be a translator. Just remember: not every bilinguist is proficient at translating!


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