Proz International Conference

As you may have already heard, on June 28-29 a ProZ International conference will be taking place in Pisa, Italy. It may be too late to buy your tickets, but let me get those of you already sitting on tickets excited.
One of the best things about this international conference is where it is: Italy! Never been myself, but I’ve been close. Not only do you get the opportunity to listen to some great speakers and communicate with fellow members and non-members alike, you are invited to a three hour sightseeing and photo tour.
There are 22 speakers at the conference, and plenty of coffee breaks in between. Since it’s a two day conference you’ll get the opportunity to schmooze with everyone, and familiarize yourself with the city.
If you were unable to make this one, like myself, then not to fear! Plenty of ProZ international conferences come around. The last one happened about a year ago in England.
Maybe you really had your heart set on the Pisa, Italy two day international conference. If that’s the case, to learn more about the event all you have to do is live stream it from their website> or go onto their Facebook/Twitter!

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