Virtual LSP

One of our longtime users once told us that there is a “growing morass of daunting technology faced by translators.” One place where this could not be more evident is in networking a small LSP or group of translators together. For a long time, networking was a thing only available to the few. If you were a large LSP, you could have your translators connect in and share TMs and terminology seamlessly. You could share projects without sending countless emails. But that was only for the big-boys. With more and more options in tools, this is changing. Networking is something everyone is coming to expect everywhere. And that’s probably a good thing. But as a group of translators or small LSP, that means more questions for you to answer, more things to become familiar with, and all with an already overloaded schedule. So what do you do?

You certainly have options, but it can all get very confusing very quickly. Should you use a web based tool? How does that work if I need to work with someone that doesn’t have reliable internet? What about data security? Do I need to sacrifice tool quality to enable better networking? Should you use a server version of a desktop tool? Will that allow real-time sharing of TMs and terminology? What’s a server? What’s a desktop? And how much should this all cost me?

IT, security, and tool-related headaches can pile up quickly – not to mention bills. With all of this in mind, we are offering something that I think is…for lack of a better word…game-changing. We call it the Virtual LSP. We’ve had the pieces for a while, but now we’re putting them together. Essentially, we offer hosting for all your tool needs in a secure environment. Project management, TM/Terminology sharing, real-time collaboration, and the tool packaged together. You’re not going to be sacrificing tool quality for networking capability, you are not going to have the IT and security related headaches, and you’re not going to be breaking the bank. I’d love to quote you a price right here because I think you’d be impressed, but we are offering some custom discounts based on needs so send us an email asking for pricing or give us a call.


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